S Cube Family: From Telz to the World

The Shussin, Sossen and Sussin Family

The Story of Elchonon and Taubeleah

This is the only known photo of Elchonon and Taubeleah. It is approximately 3.5 inches (8 cm) x 2.5 inches (6 cm).
They lived in Telz Lithuania and had 10 children, 7 of whom survived until adulthood. 
Elchonon was a ‘driver’ and Taubeleah was a homemaker. They were considered ‘well off’.
The ten children of Elchonon and Taubeleah were Gita Mira, Ben Zion, Sara(h), Chana Feiga, Jacob, Marcus, Abraham, Barney, Marcus and Charlie. Chana Feiga and the 1st Marcus died soon after child birth. The 2nd Marcus (Barney’s twin) died at three years old. 
Jacob, Abraham, Barney, and Charlie emigrated to the United States. Ben Zion moved to South Africa. Gita Mira and Sara(h) remained in Lithuania. Five of Gita Mira’s children moved to the United states.  

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A Brief History of the Migration of the Families

Elchonon and Taubeleah stayed in Telz, as did daughter Gita Mira and (possibly) Sara who may have lived in Latvia (we don’t know)

Abraham was the first to leave Telz (in 1899 when he had just turned 17). Eventually he settled in Minneapolis, MN. He sponsored his brothers Jacob and Charlie, and his nephew Max.

Son Barney came to the U.S., but chose to move to Kingston, N.Y.

Oldest son Ben Zion chose to move to South Africa and raised his family there.

The brothers who moved to Minneapolis all shared the surname:  Shussin

Ben Zion’s last name variant was Sossen

Barney’s last name variant was Sussin

Gita Mira married a man name Beryl Klotz.  Her sons Max and Victor changed their last name to Kohn when they came to Minneapolis, as did sister Ella before she married. 

Sara(h) married Aharon Liebowitz

Throughout the 20th and 21st Century members of the family have migrated to lands throughout the world, from Europe to Oceania, to the Middle East to Asia.

Ben Zion






1886 - 1977
1889 - 1938

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Where are your relatives?

Well, everywhere

You’ll find part of the S Cube family throughout the United States. Coast to coast. There are Shussins, Sossens, and Sussins

There is a large contingency in Canada. Primarily descendants of Gita Mira

Members of the S Cube Family live in Great Britain and the European Union. Primarily Sossens

There is a large group of Sossen’s and Shussins/Goldfeins in South Africa

Of course Israel has members of the S Cube Family. Even the remaining members of Sara’s family and descendants of Elchonon’s brother as well as members of Gita Mira’s family.

One of the S Cube family, a member of Jacob Shussin’s family, lives in Viet Nam

Australia is home to many Sossens who used to live in South Africa.

Audio? We have audio

Listen to some rare audio

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Toby Shussin Levin (1918-2013) was the fifth child of Abraham and Sarah Shussin. She was born in North Minneapolis. In 2013 one of her daughter-in-laws managed to capture a short phone message from Toby.

Listen Here

Victor Mintz (1909-1998) was the son-law of Gita Mira. He and Taube Leah Klotz Mintz (1916-1981) the youngest child of Gita Mira and Barra Klotz. Listen to their harrowing journey as told by Victor for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Read the transcript or listen here: http://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn510695

Shelley Kaufman Segal (born 1929) is the only surviving granddaughter of Jacob Shussin. She was born in Minneapolis and lives there today. She did a series of audio interviews.

Listen here

Shula Kropman, beloved wife of Louis Kropman, Mother of Toby Kropman Bennett, and grandmother of Julie, David, Larry and Rich was born in Telz, Lituania and was the 7th of 9 children of Gita Mira and Barra Klotz. She was the 1st of 3 daughters.
Captured in audio (in 1980) by her granddaughter Julie, she speaks of Telz, settling in Minnesota with her husband and daughter and the time she “taught” brother-in-law Hy Schwartz how to drive. The tape is approximately 11 minutes total. .Listen Here

Reunions. we've had a few

Though not enough of course. 

The famous 1933 Reunion

Some 1933 Reunion details

Specifically in Minneapolis’ famous Minnehaha Park, on a Sunday in July.

Barney, his wife Fanny and their children Harry, Lillian, Herb, Ruth, and Warren came to Minneapolis to see his family for the first time in over 30 years. They stayed for months and it was capped off by a reunion of most of the Minneapolis area family.

Abraham, wife Sarah and their 5 children lived in North Minneapolis; Jacob and wife Bessie also lived in Minneapolis with their 5 children; Charlie and wife Rose lived in Minneapolis with 2 of their 3 children (the oldest Sid was already married and had moved away; Gita Mira’s children Max, Victor and Ella lived in Minneapolis with their spouses and children. Victor and his wife did not attend. 

If you concentrate on the bottom row (the youngest of the attendees you’ll find that 3 youngest,  Harvey Kohn, Shelley Kaufman Segal, and Shirley Shussin Resnick. Each are still alive and still live in Minneapolis.

Representatives from Jacob, Abraham, Barney and Charlie’s family attended

The 2015 Reunion

Some 2015 Reunion details

It was a weekend event, Friday July 31, 2015 through Sunday, August 2, 2015. This photo was taken Sunday at Minnehaha Park.

6 of the 7 families were represented: descendants of Gita Mira, Ben Zion, Jacob, Abraham, Barney, and Charlie

Specifically, the USA, Canada, Israel, Africa, and Australia

It was an honor to have the presence of Harvey Kohn, Shelley Kaufman Segal, and Shirley Shussin Resnick

There were representatives from Gita Mira, Ben Zion, Jacob, Abraham, Barney and Charlie’s family

A Virtual Reunion was held on May 31, 2020 which was attended by over 100 relatives

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