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Barney (Berel) Sussin was born in Telz. Lithuania on August 15, 1886 to Elchonon and TaubeLeah. He was a twin. His brother, Marcus (who was the second Marcus –the first died in childbirth in 1882) died in 1889. Barney was the eighth child, (sixth surviving child), and fourth son.

Barney married Fanny Paul (1886 – 1955) who was also from Telz and they lived with their five children in Kingston, New York. Barney was a tailor. In 1966 widower Barney married Gertrude Zeilingold.  Barney died in 1977.

The five children of Barney and Fanny were Harry (1910 – 1969); Ruth (1912 – 1997); Lillian (1914 – 1994); Herbert (1915 – 1975); and Warren (1925 – 2002). 

Each of Barney and Fanny’s children married and had children of their own.

Sadly, Shelly Molomot (daughter of Ruth, granddaughter of Barney) died June 28, 2021 at her home in Florida.