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Hamodia article pg1 Hamodia article pg2Jacob Shussin (born Yankel) was born in 1875 and died in 1933 in Telz, Lithuania. He was the second son of Elchonon and Taubeleah. He married Pessa (known in the U.S.A. as Bessie) and they had five children, Rose (1899 – 1968);  Arthur (1900 – 1918); Joseph (1902 – 1954); Willie (1904 – 1962); and Ann (1906 – 1992).  Jacob and Pessa’s first four children were born in Telz.  Their youngest, Ann was born in Minneapolis. The family of seven all moved from Telz to Minneapolis. Jacob had family in Minneapolis (his brothers Abraham and Charlie), and nephew Max (Klotz) Kohn. Eventually more of his extended family moved to the North Side of Minneapolis. Also, Pessa had close relatives who had moved to Minneapolis. Jacob was a peddler when he lived in Minneapolis.

The oldest child, Rose (Sheva-Rochel), married Nathan Kaufman and remained in Minneapolis. They had two children, Clayton (1927 – 2012), and Shelley (born 1929). Rose assisted Nathan (and his partners) run the Northside Bakery, a large Kosher bakery. Clayton (1997-2012) married Nancy Karon (died 1995) and they had three children. Shelley married Dr. Eddie Segal (1927-2003) and they had five children. Shelley continues to live in Minneapolis.

Arthur (Aron-Marcus), the second child of Jacob and Pessa was born in 1900 and died of the “Spanish Flu” in 1918.

Third child Joseph (Josel-Eizel) was born in 1902 and died in 1954. He married Jenny Leff (later changed to Neff).

Fourth child William (ZevWolf-Zelick/Velvel) aka Willie was born in 1904 and died in 1962. He married Ida Chesler and they had one daughter, TaubeLeah who married Chaim Geselovicz. 

Youngest Child Ann (Chana) was born in Minneapolis in 1906 and married Russian native Ben Goldfein (1903-1982) in 1930. Ben and Ann were very observant and educated their sons at Yeshiva. There are many descendants in both the U.S. and South Africa (primarily Johannesburg).

Ann’s youngest son, Shevach, as well as much of the Goldfein family was recently featured in a history of the Yeshiva in Minneapolis, MN. A copy of the 2 page article is accessed HERE