Sara(h) 1874 - 1928)

We know the least about Sara. We don’t even have a photo of her.

We know that she was born in 1874 (the third child and second daughter of Elchonon and Taubeleah). We also know that she married Aharom Liebowitz (1874 – 1902). Sara and Aharom had four children, Sheva, Chaya, Chaim, and Elchonon*

We also know that Sara died in 1928. She may have lived in Latvia, but we don’t know for sure.

Some of Sara and Aharom' s adult children survived the Holocaust. In this photo some are shown just prior to emigrating to a new life in Israel. (photo curtesy of Helen Mintz Ickowitz)

*Because of the Jewish tradition of naming children after a loved one who has died, we can surmise that Elchonon was named after his Grandfather Elchonon who died in 1906